Forecourt Management System

OurForecourt Management System

Mapol initiates an optimal solutions with POS (point of sale) software applications amalgamating gasoline stations with marts and convenience store operations. An application users interacts with directly will be in real time with indoor sales and events are stockpiled in the back office.

Operational ergonomics have perceptible and manifesting the cashiers and prospecting the cashiers and payments approach to understand the status of the forecourt. Application is developed using Odoo Open Source achieve a greater customer appeal, promote cross-selling opportunities and reach a high revenues and good margins. A security plays a crucial role in the FMS, and creates a user credibility in the backend for tracking the cashiers on shift basics.

  • Valuable Platform's Unified Retail Data and Business logic
  • PCI Standards Amenability throughout all fuel pumps
  • Web server-based Remote Monitoring, Management and Maintenance
  • Integrated Dry and Wet Product Sales and Stock Management
  • Payment Security Standards Compliant