Material Resource Planning

OurMaterial Resource Planning

A complete organized outlining of all assets for production and inventory in a manufacturing organization. Technically, this software equips the information about quantify (when to order), allotment (how to order), order procurement and rescheduling depending upon the change of customer needs in manufacturing industry. A dynamic driven system grants the strategic material management either on certainty or auguring. This automated resource planning evolves accuracy and control process with module as BOM, Track inventory management, and raw data collection.

Material requirements planning is recognized that most of the major data needed to manage a manufacturing firm. As the business environment changing in manufacturing materials with good resource planning, this Enterprise Resource planning Systems compounding this MRP integrated the business process with material management along with the production tracking process.

  • Our major objective of an MRP software solution meets the following needs:
    • Guarantee the availability of materials, components, and products planned for production to meet the customer need
    • Effective planning for stock/materials availability for manufacturing activities, dispatch and delivery schedules, and raw material purchase activities
    • Creates effective planning for inventory and bill of materials to calculate purchase and shipping schedules
  • Salient features of MRP software:
    • Automate the raw material ordering and inventory planning
    • Effective product design and specifications
    • Shop floor control and quality assurance
    • Provision to create master production schedule and create bill of materials
    • Provision to capacity requirements planning (CRP)
    • Evaluates material availability based on the required manufacturing date taking into consideration current demand and material lead times
    • Labor Capacity Planning and auxiliary equipment planning
    • Machine and Work Center Capacity Planning
    • Automates the process of Business planning, Lot traceability, Contract management, Tool management, Engineering change control, Shop floor data collection
    • Provision to Sales analysis and forecasting, Finite capacity scheduling (FCS) • Includes provision to create to General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order management, dispatch management
    • Creates all the necessary MIS reports for management
  • Benefits of MRP Software:
    • Better control of inventory tracking and improved scheduling
    • Maintain productive relationship with vendors and suppliers
    • Improved utilization of facilities and personnel resources
    • Material tracking becomes easy and ensures that economic order quantity is achieved for all lot orders
    • Improved manufacturing results
    • More responsive to market demand and reduce production cost
    • Time phased ordering of materials and higher reliability
    • Set safety stock level for emergencies
    • Tracks the amount of material that is required for production based on the demand

Thus Material Resource Planning Software generates a complete set of solution for material planning, inventory control, production planning, quality control, and effective utilization of material and human resource. Accurate forecast and a timely lead time happen to be the main determinant of its success in a run.