Odoo Integration

OurOdoo Integration

Odoo advances third party integration - a simple way to inflate the functionality and mergers with existing modules. Mapol offer this integration in a reliable way using AIDC. Automatic Identification and data capture refers to the methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them, and entering them directly into computer systems, without human involvement. This can be enhanced with core functionality or modernize using higher proficiency. The diverse range of industries and distinct clients needs made us to bring the simple solutions with Odoo integration. We achieve this solutions by integrating the existing ERP with third party services.

Ourfew third party APIs and Web services.

Biometric Integration
Add sharp-witted to your HR attendance system. Make it easy accessible and cost-effective.
IoT Integration
Make devices work independently; transmit data seamlessly using AIDC.
Payment Gateway Integration
Ease your customer with better services. More options and higher flexibility.
Social Media Integration
Improve your brand tangibility and gain additional members on social media.
E-commerce Integration
Centralize your e-commerce infrastructure. Coordinate all departments with a unique flow.
Logistic Integration
Use new way of inventory/order management.
Cloud Integration
Huge amount of data to be integrated with your IT infrastructure to cloud.