Project Management System

OurProject Management System

Life is getting over it and priorities are unstable every now and then our work piles up. The To-do lists and sticky notes don’t cut it anymore in our fussy life-cycle. As the fast pacing environment and the work culture always awaits for the foremost solutions to make a quick fix. We bring Odoo project management as the key to every day's tasks and priorities. This Open source encompasses collective solutions like Task Management, Real-Time solutions and fixing the deadlines. We Mapol bringing the simplest solutions with open ERP.

Project Management System
  • Operating Project Management Module will help for Tracking from Big Tasks to Minute Details, from the Customer Contract to the Billing.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface and Every Action is Instantaneous.
  • Email Integration Functionality.
  • Enterprise Management Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Collaborating Meetings inside the Application and Incorporating Etherpad Feature.