Visitor Management System

OurVisitor Management System

Visitor management introduces to tracking any building or site. This application can documenting the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Security requirements of modern organizations are imposing and expanding progressively. Executing and tracking visitors, is utmost essential. Visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, and sometime completely unknown person. Guests or caller from other locations do visit the buildings. Formerly we need to control their entry and key their details, whereas some visitor are restricted to some specific areas in the premises of the building. Custody is habitual for tracking the all the callers/guests along with their belongings. Breaching the security and safety of the physical, intellectual and human Asset will percussion to the organization.

This application is inventing to addressing these deportments in professional way outwardly with security and hospitality. E- pass with access rights customized with name, photograph, and contact number is created to every guests enters the premises of the organization. Identity proof of every guests and enrolling the visitor's fingerprint is secured along with and be an access for entering to organization.

  • Cataloging
  • Dashboard
  • Visitor Information
  • Pass Generation
  • Check in/out
  • Printing